Pub Crawl Routes

Marrickville Brewery crawl: 3.9km (49min walk)

Crawls are generally walkable. Kept to a maximum of 7 locations. Where the distance to the next location is greater than 15min, I’d suggest taking a roadie or uber/cab

The capital of craft beer in Sydney, prehaps even Australia is Marrickville. 10 mins out of the CBD in the inner west is home to some of the best brewers in the beer scene. Kicking off at WTB and then walking down into Sydenham to Batch Brewing. Sidetrack up to Stockade and across to Sauce before stopping into Wildflower and ending at Grifter in Newtown. This one is a good one for a bit of an all day bender as you will undoubtedly smash a lot of different beer styles between all these breweries and be a dribbling mess by 6pm!

Brewery List:

Willie The Boatman (17 min walk to Batch Brewing – get a roadie or uber it)

Blackfont (closed for the interim)

Batch Brewing


Sauce Brewing




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