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Pepe’s On The Beach in Wollongong

Tucked in behind the Marriott and across the road from the beach, Pepe’s is that coastal bar vibe perfect for vacationers and hip locals wanting a few cocktails on a Saturday afternoon before hitting the clubs. 16 beers on tap with stock standard range and a few craft options, on my visit I had a Byron Bay Brewing Hazy Lager. Cool vibe and a menu that caters for all types, the key here is socialness and drinks. Speciality juices, cocktails to beer, wine and coffee. Good for a drink on a hot summers day where the skin is burnt and the sand is still stuck in your pants.  


Now Tapped: not listed

Menu: Food Menu

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8am-12am, Friday 8am-2am, Saturday 8am-3am


By jase3812

I drink beer. And occasionally I'll write about it. But mostly, I drink beer.

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