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2019 Beer In Review

So I thought this year I’d jump on the bandwagon with a 2019 Beer In Review.

As another year ends (and another decade) it’s a time for reflection, planning and most importantly – best of lists. So I thought this year I’d jump on the bandwagon with a 2019 Beer In Review. Now I have a poor memory at the best of times, thats why I love Untappd. I can check in all the beers I’ve tried and then go back and see what I have or haven’t had before. So, for my 2019 Beer In Review, I’ll consult Untappd to see what the highest rated beers I had in 2019.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company – Parabajava 2018

I had this direct from the taproom when I was in LA back in April. This 13.2% imperial stout was so good I even dreamt about it that night!

Garage Project – Slay Ride

My Boxing Day beer and my god it was delicious. 10.4% imperial stout that tasted like dark chocolate mud cake. I wish I had more than just the one can of this.

Mountain Goat – Rare Breed: Christmas Ale

Had this one on tap at The Pumphouse. A 11.1% Barleywine that drank real easy. These guys make some terrific beers for their Rare Breed batches.

Black Hops Brewing – Caribbean Haze

I had this one first at GABS and was blown away. A 7.7% NEIPA, it was super juicy and super tasty. In a year where everyone brewed a NEIPA, this was one of the better ones.

Five Barrel Brewing – 2019 Whisky barrelled Imperial Stout

Had to include this beer from my local brewery. Their 2019 imperial stout series was fantastic but this one stood out the most.

So for me, it seems like imperial stouts were the winners. According to the stats, I had tried 336 new beers in 2019 from 157 different breweries and 89 different styles. Not too bad drinking! And despite the love for imperials, the most checking styles were variations of IPA’s (NEIPA, Brut, West Coast, Double etc).

To all the readers of my blog, regular or not, thank you very much for a reading. I hope 2020 treats you all well and is filled with great beers!


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