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Craft Cartel Beer Club Subscription box

Marketing is a wonderful thing. I’ve spent the best part of the decade 2010s working in some aspect of digital marketing. I mention this because it was a marketing campaign that got me onto the Craft Cartel Beer Club Subscription. They were running their $1 promo which saw you get a box of 8 unique beers delivered for $1. The only catch is you have to subscribe for three months. So the first is $1. The next two are $59 and that price includes delivery. Really folks, it’s a bargain. And then, there’s more! Each box comes with a glass guide, tasting notes for each beer and by being a member you get benefits such as 10% discounts on beers, exclusive events and access to beers and the rate free shipping kicks in is lower than standard customers. ($50 spend instead of $150 spend) There’s a lot of value for a total cost of $119 for three month commitment.

8 beer subscription box

Now, there’s a lot of these beer boxes out there. My plan is to try most of them and review them here on this site, but this one stands out by being unique beers in each box. Some will send you two of each, this will give you 8 unique beers if you get the 8 beer box. If you scale up to the 16 beer box ($99) you’ll get doubles. The best part is it is not always lower cost beers or excess stock to clear. During my three months I had a range that went from low ABV session ales and mid strengths. Standard pale ales and IPAs, up to NEIPAs, stouts and even once, a 12% Belgian Quad. The variety is fantastic. The focus is generally Australian breweries which is fantastic but they can be the odd international brewery such as Stone or Arrogant Bastard.

tasting notes

I must say I felt this was a good little subscription box. The free shipping is perfect as I live outside of their metropolitan area of Sydney and the free shipping applies nationwide. The $1 leader into the subscription is too good to miss and is a perfect gift idea for a loved one or beer aficionado.


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