Holgate Brewhouse – Millennium Falcon Emperial IPA

Brewery: Holgate Brewhouse in Woodend, Victoria

Style:  IIPA

ABV:  9%  

Rate Beerno rating yet

Pour:  Straw yellow colour with a good white head.

In a galaxy far far ago, there was a big beautiful imperial IPA. This beer was created via Jedi powers, melding an array of hops into a clean, light malt bill to produce a deliciously, easy drinking IIPA. The force was strong in this beer. It lured many a great man to purchase and consume. It popularity saw this one be reproduced year on year, as the demand was high. Far and wide across the galaxies people would search for this beer. They needed to be in it presence. Very few beers can lay testament to this. This, is one of them.

Holgate Brewhouse - Millennium Falcon Emperial IPA

By jase3812

I drink beer. And occasionally I'll write about it. But mostly, I drink beer.

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