Deschutes – Wowza Lo Carb Hazy Pale Ale

Brewery: Deschutes Brewery in Oregon, USA

Style Hazy Pale Ale

ABV 4%

IBUs:   40

Rate Beer:  63/100

Pour pale white to straw in colour. Not much of a head. 

A low carb, low calorie, hazy pale ale in a tall boy can. 2020 has certainly been a weird year. This beer is interesting. Soft pine and citrus aroma but quite a dry and bittering finish. It’s healthy so I’m impressed but I’m not sure if I’m a fan. Maybe post workout beer this would go down a treat like a yellow Powerade. Or if I really was serious about a diet and losing weight, I’d be ok drinking this as “healthy” beer. 

Deschutes - Wowza Lo Carb Hazy Pale Ale

By jase3812

I drink beer. And occasionally I'll write about it. But mostly, I drink beer.

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