Pinnacle Drinks – Stubbie

Brewery: Pinnacle Drinks in Surry Hills, NSW

Style Kolsch

ABV 4.4%

Rate Beer:  no rating yet

Pour That typical golden beer colour with a good white head.

Had little expectations coming into this beer. It was cheap and the novelty of the little bottle suckered me in. However, its better than I thought. A little lemon zest and a bright, clean taste. This is the kind of beer that I expect many craft beer drinkers would get given by friends and family who have no idea about craft beer. As a fridge filler to have on hand when supplies are low, this goes alright. Could do a lot worse in the faux-craft beer stakes.

Pinnacle Drinks - Stubbie


By jase3812

I drink beer. And occasionally I'll write about it. But mostly, I drink beer.

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