Balter – Electric Wonderland 


Balter In Currumbin, QLD




7% & 54

Tasting Notes

Light golden yellow with a big white, foamy head. Strong tropical fruit aromas wafting from the glass well before I put it up to my nose. Notes of apricot and coconut are back up by pineapple on first sip. A light malt backbone for a crisp and clear IPA. I see west coast style IPAs to be more pine and resin with a bit more colour and maltiness. This typifies what we now look at for west coast IPAs. Light, hop driven without the high IBUs. Smooth and easy to drink despite the 7% ABV. It’s nice to have an IPA that hasn’t been made with oats or lactose and while I’m enjoying this, I wanted something a bit more. Like a cheap Chinese feed, it does the job but you wished it was more what you were expecting. Close but not quite. This is still good but you wish it was a little bit more. Maybe that’s just a reflection of modern society, always wanting a little bit more. 

Balter - Electric Wonderland 

By jase3812

I drink beer. And occasionally I'll write about it. But mostly, I drink beer.

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