Urban Alley – Maple Banana Split Your Pants 


Urban Alley in Docklands, Victoria 


Dunkles Weissbier



Tasting Notes

Deep brown in colour with a white head. Banana aromas present first up. Strong sugary sweetness of maple syrup straight up on first mouthfeel. A little roasted malt and honey is in there. It’s meant to resemble a stack of freshly cooked banana pancakes with lots of maple syrup and I see that. It reminds me of going to ihop in America. A famed pancake restaurant chain. Every trip I’ve had to the states involved a breakfast at ihop at least once. Is it the best? Not really but it’s decent. The coffee is unlimited, the pancake stacks are good and it’s reasonably priced. Sure, you might leave with diabetes but that’s always the risk when you eat out in America. 

Urban Alley - Maple Banana Split Your Pants 

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I drink beer. And occasionally I'll write about it. But mostly, I drink beer.

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