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Other Equipment to use in Brewing

Today I thought I’d go through the other equipment to use in brewing. These items you may already have in the kitchen, but if not, I’ll include links to where you can pick them up.  Digital Kitchen Scales Brewing involves a lot of measuring of ingredients. Whether it is hops or grain or other adjuncts.…

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Cleanliness is Godliness and Godliness is beer

You speak to any head brewer at any brewery all around the world and they will tell you the same. Most of their job is cleaning. Cleaning and sanitising equipment before brewing and cleaning and sanitising equipment after they’ve brewed. Cleaning and sanitising fermenters, bottles, canning lines, kegs – everything that beer is going to…

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Basics to get started in brewing beer

Anyone, on any budget, can get started in brewing beer. From kit and kilo setups and beer brewing starter kits, through to professional setups. Starting off on a hobby of home brewing is easier than ever. Below is some popular startup gear to get you going in creating that very first batch of delicious beer.…

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21 Common Off Flavours in Home Brewing

I remember my first attempt at homebrew. It was an IPA. It tasted like garbage but I drank it because I made it and I didn’t want to tip it out. I also spent a lot of time researching what could have gone wrong. Understanding the off flavour is the main key. From there you…

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What’s This About?

Here you’ll find blog posts, recipes and more when it comes to brewing beer yourself at home. I used to run a online home brew store and have been home brewing since 2016. Whether your a newbie brewer or pro brewer, hopefully you’ll find these posts useful. If nothing else it gives you something to read on the toilet.